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Studying in New Zealand

New Zealand is a scenic beauty with spectacular caves, glacier lakes, sandy beaches, and more. With its less population, the country gives space to breathe for its residents. Many students prefer the country for their higher studies attracted by the modern and vibrant lifestyle over there. Malls, theatres, café, and more entertainment offer students chances to hang out with their new friends. The country has small towns and cities, and they are less crowded. Beaches, parks, cycling paths, and walking paths are at an accessible distance to most of the residential areas.

Studying in New Zealand is a dream for many international students for its high standard educational system and high living quality. Palanivel Overseas Education takes its pride in making many students’ dreams into reality through our continuous services. We are always keen to help you if you are interested in making New Zealand your study location.

Why New Zealand?

    • All the universities of New Zealand are ranked in the top university ranking by QS world university rankings.

    • Studying in New Zealand gives every student a wanderlust. The realistic scenario and the high standard of vibrant living make every student keen on the country.

    • Universities and schools allow students to work part-time.

    • Students of other countries enjoy the same freedom as locals, so it is one of your safest study destinations.

    • Most of the universities provide well-equipped laboratories, which offers research students a great opportunity.

    The degrees of New Zealand universities are globally recognized for their quality standards.

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Job opportunities in New Zealand

There are multiple enterprises and companies (35,000+) in New Zealand which offer various job opportunities for students who pursue a degree in the nation.

Student’s visa requirements

  • Visa application form along with application fee.
  • A valid passport.
  • Two passport size photographs in the light color background, but white is not accepted.
  • Proof of funds to cover living expenses.
  • An offer letter from the university.
  • Evidence that you have the source to pay your tuition fee.
  • A medical certificate and chest x-ray.
  • Original copy of police certificate.
  • Your air ticket copy or a proof of fund to book air tickets.

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